Hardwood Flooring Trends To Come In 2021

There is nothing quite like the excitement that comes from the installation of brand new floors. This is a design change that can have a massive impact on a home’s overall feel. As such, it is wise to stay abreast of current trends and style preferences in this realm. The following paragraphs offer some useful insight on flooring trends likely to be in the forefront during 2021.

  • Lighten Up

While ten years ago, it was common for homeowners to opt for wood flooring in darker hues, the trend now is toward lighter varieties. Particularly popular these days is French white oak, which takes staining well and offers a lighter, brighter feel than more conventional oak products.

  • Shift From Gray

There is no doubt that gray has been among the hottest design trends in recent years, but things are changing a bit of late. Tastes are trending slightly away from gray toward lighter tans and beiges. In particular, flooring in beige hues is becoming highly desirable for the comfortable, yet on-trend feel it provides.

  • Wire Brushing

Along with the trend toward beiges and grays is a growing preference for textures achieved through wire brushing. This works to minimize softer spots in wood grain to leave the hardened portions as-is. The end product is ideal when it comes to camouflaging scratching and dirt.

  • Going Natural

Despite all of the trends mentioned above, there are some things that remain classic. Natural finishes, for instance, are having a major moment lately, particularly among homeowners who want to stay away from highly trendy looks that may not stand the test of time.

  • Plank Size

In 2021, more and more homeowners are opting for wider and longer wood planks when it comes to their new flooring. The overall effect is one of space and expansiveness within a room. Even though this is a big trend for the coming year, this style of flooring is actually historical in nature and lends an air of true timelessness to a home.