Why Timber Flooring: The Top Reasons

It doesn’t matter if you’re renovating your home or building a brand new house, you should choose to have timber flooring installed. Timber floors can change the entire look of the room it is installed in. So, why timber flooring? There are many reasons why, which include:

1. Stylish
One of the top reasons to choose timber flooring over other types of flooring options is because timber looks great. Timber flooring has a classy and timeless look, and the flooring looks amazing in any room. If you have a room you want to breathe new life into, then have timber floors installed.

The floors complement any room in a home. This even goes for rooms that typically don’t have timber floorings, such as the bathroom or dining area. You can use timber flooring throughout the entire home; That is how stylish these types of floors are.

2. Durability
Another reason to choose floors made from timber is that they are durable. The last thing you want is to install floors, only for them to become easily damaged. This means you’ll have to spend money on repairs or to replace your floors. With timber flooring, you won’t have to worry about the floors succumbing to damage shortly after buying and installing it.

Do you have pets or kids? Is there a lot of foot traffic going through your home? If so, then you’ll want to consider installing timber floors. They will withstand the test of time and they can take a lot of punishment.

3. Low Maintenance
Perhaps the top reason of all for some people is timber floors are low maintenance. You just have to clean the floors from time to time, but you don’t have to spend hours and hours every week to maintain the floors’ appearance. Simple do a quick mop job or use a dust broom to clean them and you’ll be all set. If you’re busy and you don’t have the time to do a thorough clean regularly, then you’ll appreciate how low maintenance timber floors are.

4. Various Options
Timber floors are available in many options. There are lots of brands that produce and sell these floors. Some of these options include iron-bark, black-butt, rose gum, and spotted gum. Each of those options has their own set of unique advantages, so it’s a good idea to compare timber floors in each of those categories. Within each of those categories, there are dozens and dozens of options available.

Regardless of the type of timber floors you buy, you’ll enjoy owning quality flooring. They’ll make your home feel more warm and welcoming. Not only that, but there are many colour options. It doesn’t matter how picky you are with colour and design, the chances are you’ll find timber flooring options you’ll love.

5. Hygienic
Timber floors are surprisingly hygienic, which isn’t the case with many types of carpets. Carpets can attract allergens, parasites, fleas, dirt, dust, and more. Such things can be harmful to your health, which is another reason to install timber flooring. If you have allergies or you just want floors that don’t attract bugs, then look no further than timber floors.

6. You Get A Lot of Value For Your Money
Timber flooring is affordable, although what you’ll pay depends on several factors such as where you buy the floors from and how much of an area you need to be covered. Generally speaking, these floors last for a long time, they look good and they are easy to clean; The bottom line is you get a lot for your money when you decide to purchase timber floors.

Remember, you don’t want to always go for the cheapest flooring options. Cheap doesn’t always mean the floors will be of high quality. If you want nothing but the best floors at a great price, then choose timber flooring.

The bottom line is if you’re wanting great looking floors, then there’s no better option than timber flooring. Timber floors are durable, low in maintenance, and are available in an array of options. They are also hygienic and very affordable. All you have to do now is start shopping around for timber flooring and choose the timber floors you like the most.