Why Choose Timber Flooring?

You know when it is time to replace your flooring. You have a lot of choices when you do need to replace it. When you are looking into new flooring for a home, an apartment, or a business unit, you will want to consider timber floors. There are many reasons why you should choose timber flooring over carpet, tile, linoleum, and other flooring choices.

Here are Are Ten Reasons Why Choose Timber Flooring?

why choose timber flooring? The timber is something that people use on their floors and it makes for a very nice finished look. There are also many practical reasons why you will want to consider having the timber flooring vs. the other types of flooring that you can choose from. Since there are good reasons that you will want to look into the wooden flooring, be sure that you think about what you are doing and what type of flooring you want before you make your decision. Here are some more reasons why you should choose timber flooring:

1. Durable

It will last a very long time and that is why choose timber flooring reason number one. This is especially good in rooms like a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and any other room that receives a lot of traffic from the people in the home and visitors. When the timber flooring is in place, it is sturdy and can take a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, it is one of the most practical floorings that people can get at any given time.

2. Various Styles

The timber flooring comes in various styles and that is why choose timber flooring reason number 2. People can choose the look that they want so that they are not limited to just a few choices. They will have all types of choices available to them and this makes it a better way to go than flooring that has to be in a particular style. Here are the choices that you can pick from when you get wooden flooring:


With all of these choices, you will be sure to find one that will give you just what you are looking for in your home. You will love that you have all of these choices and can find something that will work the best for you.

3. Price

The price of timber flooring is very reasonable. Although it is more than other types of flooring because of the workmanship that goes into it, it is worth the money. People can afford it without breaking their budget. They know that they are getting what they pay for too. It is a good deal when it all comes down to it and people are more than happy with the way it looks for the price that they pay.

4. Easy To Clean

When people get timber flooring, they are surprised at how easy it is to clean. They don’t have to do too much to keep it looking its best. Since it is so easy to clean, it makes sense for people that have children and pets because their floors tend to get dirtier a lot quicker than other people’s.

5. Better Indoor Air

Wood flooring is much better for the air quality inside than carpets. Carpets tend to hold allergens and people can have all kinds of problems from that. They can have difficulty breathing, runny noses, and itchy eyes from the carpets. When they have timber flooring, they don’t have to worry about this at all.

6. Looks Great

The interior of a home will look much better with the timber flooring. People love the look that it gives them when they have a sleek looking wooden floor. They can always place area rugs in certain areas so that it is not as cold in the winter months on their feet with the plain wooden floor.

7. Increases The Value In A Home

The value of the home will increase when there are wooden floors. This is especially good for homeowners that want to to turn around and sell their home to make a profit. It will increase the value of their home so they should consider that when they are getting the flooring put in for their home.

8. Restoring It Is Easy

When it comes to restoring wood, you will find that the wooden floors are easy to restore. You can do this in very little time and you can make the floors look new again. To make it look new, all you have to do is remove the damaged areas and replace them with the new flooring. It will look fantastic and it does not take a lot of time. You will enjoy that you can restore the wood to look new again. You will be able to entertain without being embarrassed about how your floors look.

9. Easy To Deal With Scratches

Having wood flooring comes with some minor problems. The wood, unfortunately, can scratch easily. Thankfully, there is a way to deal with this that does not cost a lot of money. You can use protective fillers or a wax filter that will stop the scratches from occurring in the first place. This has to do with small scratches. If your wood gets a deep scratch in it, you may need to contact a professional or replace the flooring.

10. Nice, Smooth Surface

When you get timber flooring, you will find that the surface is nice and flat. There won’t be bumps in the wood because it will be finished. This is good when you have children,/or pets. You don’t want people tripping and falling over bumpy flooring. If you’re from Melbourne, and looking for a flooring company, visit this flooring company.

Timber flooring has always been a popular choice because of the various advantages that it has. Be sure that you consider it when you are looking into the flooring for your home, apartment, or business dwelling. You will love all the choices that you will have to pick from and all the benefits that are listed above. Make timber a choice for your next flooring project and see just how great it is.

Choosing The Right Flooring To Help A Home Sell

It is impossible to deny the fact that flooring is one of those things that leaves a lasting impression on prospective home purchasers. However, homeowners preparing their house for sale may worry that the flooring they are choosing to install may turn off a potential buyer. The fact is that the trends in flooring can change seemingly at a moment’s notice, with different tones, textures, and even plank sizes taking center stage. Even flooring product professionals sometimes find it hard to stay on top of the shifts. As such, many ask the question of exactly how they can find a flooring product they adore but that will also hold its value in terms of resale.

  • Selling Time Frame

Perhaps the most fundamental question in this realm centers on when you plan to sell your home. This is the time to be honest with yourself. Perhaps you want to sell in the relatively short term, or maybe you are planning to wait until your kids move out on their own. If your answer leans toward the former, consider going with a flooring option that is on the trendier side. Products of this nature can lend a modern air to a home that buyers may be seeking. Bestlaminate.com is a particularly helpful resource when it comes to perusing the latest in flooring trends.

Conversely, if you intend to remain in your home for at least the next few years, it is risky to guess as to what trends are likely to emerge in the world of flooring. Therefore, opt for something that is classic in its design and that is rendered in a natural hue. Regardless of your final decision, always keep the overall feel of your home in mind when makinhg a selection.

  • Cohesion Is Key

While it is true that any flooring product can be stunning in the right surroundings, it can sometimes be tough to make everything work well together. When choosing a new flooring surface, remember to take into consideration the existing woodwork in the house, including cabinetry, baseboards, and furniture items that will certainly remain. These elements can be expensive to change, so it is best to ensure that the new flooring works well with all of them. Even a home’s paint colors, countertops, and backsplash tiles can make a difference in the way flooring fits into the overall design of a home. So make sure to look at the entire picture before deciding on your floors.

That is not to say, however, that every element in a home needs to match new flooring perfectly. Many designers prefer a bit of contrast between cabinetry and flooring as a way of creating visual interest. Consider mixing textures and lines as well to achieve the overall feel you desire.

  • Profiling Buyers

If you plan to put your home on the market, try to step into the shoes of the potential buyers you are likely to attract. Is your neighborhood in a big city environment, a suburban enclave, or a country setting? Do you expect to have retirees, young parents, or newly married couples touring your home during open houses? Younger buyers in urban areas tend to seek neutral hued floors with wide planks and durability. Buyers who trend older may prefer classic styles made of cherry, walnut, and the like. The key to finding the right balance is accurately assessing your buyer pool and catering to their preferences.

Hardwood Flooring Trends To Come In 2021

There is nothing quite like the excitement that comes from the installation of brand new floors. This is a design change that can have a massive impact on a home’s overall feel. As such, it is wise to stay abreast of current trends and style preferences in this realm. The following paragraphs offer some useful insight on flooring trends likely to be in the forefront during 2021.

  • Lighten Up

While ten years ago, it was common for homeowners to opt for wood flooring in darker hues, the trend now is toward lighter varieties. Particularly popular these days is French white oak, which takes staining well and offers a lighter, brighter feel than more conventional oak products.

  • Shift From Gray

There is no doubt that gray has been among the hottest design trends in recent years, but things are changing a bit of late. Tastes are trending slightly away from gray toward lighter tans and beiges. In particular, flooring in beige hues is becoming highly desirable for the comfortable, yet on-trend feel it provides.

  • Wire Brushing

Along with the trend toward beiges and grays is a growing preference for textures achieved through wire brushing. This works to minimize softer spots in wood grain to leave the hardened portions as-is. The end product is ideal when it comes to camouflaging scratching and dirt.

  • Going Natural

Despite all of the trends mentioned above, there are some things that remain classic. Natural finishes, for instance, are having a major moment lately, particularly among homeowners who want to stay away from highly trendy looks that may not stand the test of time.

  • Plank Size

In 2021, more and more homeowners are opting for wider and longer wood planks when it comes to their new flooring. The overall effect is one of space and expansiveness within a room. Even though this is a big trend for the coming year, this style of flooring is actually historical in nature and lends an air of true timelessness to a home.

Hardwood Flooring Is a Popular Choice of Floors

Flooring is what gives a home its character and an indication of the lifestyle of its owner. Wooden flooring has always been around for centuries, probably because it was a resource that was always available locally. Hardwood floors have a natural beauty that can suit any decor, be it traditional or modern. It can be used in any room, though it uses in kitchens and bathrooms, or basements may need them to have specific properties.

  • Hardwood flooring can be unfinished and then stained to match any other part of the decor. You can also buy flooring that has been pre-finished in a factory, as this gives you the advantage of using it, as soon as it is installed. Solid hardwood floors are made from natural wood and are anywhere between 5/8 to 3/4 of an inch thick. the advantage with solid hardwood floors is that they can be sanded and finished several times, as every such operation will only remove a small veneer of this thickness. Most hardwood floors that are engineered have only a veneer of wood over plywood layers and can go through the sanding and finishing process just a couple of times.


  • Hardwood flooring is one that is made from hardwoods, like oak, cherry, or maple. You will also find these floors made of bamboo, which is more of grass than a wood. Mahogany, walnut, and ash are other popular choices for hardwood floors. Teak wood is a choice for which you may have to pay premium prices, as its availability is restricted to a few tropical areas in the world. You can also make hardwood floors from wood that has been reclaimed from older buildings that have since been abandoned. This can cost you less, be environmentally friendly, and get you wood that is completely seasoned and therefore stable, and less prone to any problems from high humidity or other weather conditions.


  • Solid hardwood floors can be purchased with a raw face, that allows you to decide on the stain or type of finish that you finally want on the floor that has been laid down. You can also get solid hardwood that has been pre-finished at a factory and this will give you the advantage of not having to deal with the irritating fumes and vapors of the finishing products, while the finishing is taking place. Most engineered hardwood flooring is made from a wood veneer that has been placed on a base of plywood layers that are bonded so that the grain of each layer is at right angles to the layer below it. This greatly adds to the strength of the finished product. Grain patterns, whether in solid or engineered wood can be different and can be a matter of selection. In solid wood, the grain patterns are dependent on how the original wood is cut.


  • Most solid hardwood floors come in planks of various widths, though 6 inches to 8 inches gives you a floor with lesser joints. It is customary to manufacture the planks with tongue and groove arrangements so that the floor is homogeneous and makes for planks that will act together when taking any load, thus giving you a real solid floor. It is important that the sub-floor on which such flooring is installed be completely dry and level, as dampness and unevenness are enemies of wooden flooring.


  • Hardwood floors can be nailed to sub-floors or even glued on. Solid hardwood needs to get acclimatized to the environment and rooms before any work is undertaken for its installation. The moisture in the wood then adjusts to the conditions that are in the room.

Why Timber Flooring: The Top Reasons

It doesn’t matter if you’re renovating your home or building a brand new house, you should choose to have timber flooring installed. Timber floors can change the entire look of the room it is installed in. So, why timber flooring? There are many reasons why, which include:

1. Stylish
One of the top reasons to choose timber flooring over other types of flooring options is because timber looks great. Timber flooring has a classy and timeless look, and the flooring looks amazing in any room. If you have a room you want to breathe new life into, then have timber floors installed.

The floors complement any room in a home. This even goes for rooms that typically don’t have timber floorings, such as the bathroom or dining area. You can use timber flooring throughout the entire home; That is how stylish these types of floors are.

2. Durability
Another reason to choose floors made from timber is that they are durable. The last thing you want is to install floors, only for them to become easily damaged. This means you’ll have to spend money on repairs or to replace your floors. With timber flooring, you won’t have to worry about the floors succumbing to damage shortly after buying and installing it.

Do you have pets or kids? Is there a lot of foot traffic going through your home? If so, then you’ll want to consider installing timber floors. They will withstand the test of time and they can take a lot of punishment.

3. Low Maintenance
Perhaps the top reason of all for some people is timber floors are low maintenance. You just have to clean the floors from time to time, but you don’t have to spend hours and hours every week to maintain the floors’ appearance. Simple do a quick mop job or use a dust broom to clean them and you’ll be all set. If you’re busy and you don’t have the time to do a thorough clean regularly, then you’ll appreciate how low maintenance timber floors are.

4. Various Options
Timber floors are available in many options. There are lots of brands that produce and sell these floors. Some of these options include iron-bark, black-butt, rose gum, and spotted gum. Each of those options has their own set of unique advantages, so it’s a good idea to compare timber floors in each of those categories. Within each of those categories, there are dozens and dozens of options available.

Regardless of the type of timber floors you buy, you’ll enjoy owning quality flooring. They’ll make your home feel more warm and welcoming. Not only that, but there are many colour options. It doesn’t matter how picky you are with colour and design, the chances are you’ll find timber flooring options you’ll love.

5. Hygienic
Timber floors are surprisingly hygienic, which isn’t the case with many types of carpets. Carpets can attract allergens, parasites, fleas, dirt, dust, and more. Such things can be harmful to your health, which is another reason to install timber flooring. If you have allergies or you just want floors that don’t attract bugs, then look no further than timber floors.

6. You Get A Lot of Value For Your Money
Timber flooring is affordable, although what you’ll pay depends on several factors such as where you buy the floors from and how much of an area you need to be covered. Generally speaking, these floors last for a long time, they look good and they are easy to clean; The bottom line is you get a lot for your money when you decide to purchase timber floors.

Remember, you don’t want to always go for the cheapest flooring options. Cheap doesn’t always mean the floors will be of high quality. If you want nothing but the best floors at a great price, then choose timber flooring.

The bottom line is if you’re wanting great looking floors, then there’s no better option than timber flooring. Timber floors are durable, low in maintenance, and are available in an array of options. They are also hygienic and very affordable. All you have to do now is start shopping around for timber flooring and choose the timber floors you like the most.


Custom Hardwood Flooring & Repairs

Look for some flooring companies that specialize in all types of custom hardwood floor installation using the finest in woods, including prefinished styles. Sanding and polishing hardwood flooring is a great way to make your rooms cozier. Improve your home d├ęcor with hardwood floor refinishing, installation, repairs or recoating us

If your existing floors are damaged, have flooring experts to perform detailed hardwood floor refinishing, resurfacing, and repairs. This will be a great option that extends the life of your existing floors and saves you money on new flooring.